Producers of plums

In One Nature Fruits we are producers of red, yellow and black plums
We commercialize at an international level these three types of plums well known for its great and sweet taste and good juice level.

Plums are one of the most consumed products in stone fruit.

In One Nature Fruits we pick the plums just a the right moment of ripeness, providing to the consumer calcicum, phosphore, iron, magnesium and vitamines A,B1,B2 and C as well

In One nature Fruits we harvest and pick 2 types of plums : red flesh and yellow flesh. We have to take into account that there is a big difference in taste in these two types of plums and they have different destinations and a different kind of consumers

Red plum

The red plum (yellow flesh) has a taste a bit more acid and refreshing

Black plum

The black (red flesh plum) has a sweet taste and contains scarcely acid.

Yelow plum

The white-fleshed peach has a sweet flavor with hardly any acidity.
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Production calendar of plums of One Nature Fruits

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